RecyTrust – building a fruitful future for waste management

According to EUROSTAT figures, in 2016 each EU citizen generated around 5.0 tonnes of waste, of which only 38% was recycled. We’re aware of the general benefits of recycling, but this knowledge alone doesn’t encourage many of us to do it on a regular basis. People are put off by the time it takes to recycle, as well as the associated costs and a lack of access to bins....

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Bin-e – a new dawn for waste management in smart buildings

Three years ago, a team from Poznań began working on a smart device that would make life considerably easier for many workers: identifying, categorising, sorting and compressing waste. 

The idea quickly became a hot topic, leading to much discussion in start-up circles and recognition for the innovative nature of the device, but also a number of doubts as to whether the...

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