The Grand Final Participants

The winner of the Regional Final in Greece: FLASC (Malta)

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FLASC is an energy storage device that integrates into a floating offshore platform. The platform is based on well-proven concepts and can be adapted into a Tension Leg Leg (TLP) or Spar-type configuration. These are at the forefront of becoming the standard floating wind turbine support structures and are already used extensively in the Oil & Gas Industry. Energy is stored using a hydro-pneumatic liquid piston concept, which essentially means that we pump water in order to compress a fixed volume of air. This system, called a Floating Liquid-piston Accumulator using Seawater under Compression (FLASC), is intended for large-scale offshore systems requiring a stable floating platform and a means to store energy. It can bridge the gap between intermittent renewable energy production and a fluctuating user demand.

The winner of the Regional Final in Poland: Solato

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SOLATO is a project aimed at optimizing the work of electrical heating devices in a smart grid of electricity suppliers. This is achieved thanks to the system which connects devices located in users' houses with the cloud. The infrastructure allows the supervision of several heating devices as the system gathers and processes data coming from devices on an almost real-time basis. The system will prepare a forecast for groups of individual power receivers one day in advance. The groups can be created based on locations in order to have a physical relation to the grid’s operator infrastructure. Then, based on operator requirements, the system will schedule working hours for each receiver. During the day, the system will know the current state so that it can respond to demands of reducing or increasing power consumption in specific groups. This will create the possibility of balancing power consumption and avoiding having to pay for electricity during periods of imbalance, or even to get paid for the acquisition of surpluses. With Solato, the electricity supplier will be able to encourage customers to greater loyalty.

The winner of the Regional Final in Bulgaria: TwinRay

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TwinRay team developed a small form-factor, self-sustaining and cheap to maintain solar aircraft with a special wing design. The technology contributes to solving the problem of air pollution as the engine carbon cleaning helps to reduce significant emissions of CO, CO2, HC and NOx as well as the hard particles generated by diesel engines. The company conducted a test in cooperation with the Scientific and Research Department of Technical University in Sofia. The results showed a 70% reduction in CO emissions, a 7-fold reduction of the hard particles and 3% to 15% fuel savings.

The winner of the Regional Final in Croatia: BALMARIS

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Ballast water provides stability and manoeuvrability for ships during a voyage and during loading and unloading operations. However, the process of managing untreated ballast water brings many environmental and economic threats. In collaboration with several European scientific research institutions, BALMARIS have developed an innovative, eco-friendly ballast water treatment system which uses no chemicals and little energy. Maintenance is simple, less frequent and inexpensive. The technology meets new legal requirements and offers buyers clear advantages over existing solutions. The solution can be applied in many other industries such as production of biodiesel and biogas and sea water heat pumps.

The winner of the Regional Final in Slovakia: Nice Visions

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Nice Visions' product is a solar tile that can be scaled indefinitely, used anywhere, and is completely and easily customizable. The tiles are connected to each other and seamlessly integrated onto building design and delivering solar power from the first minute. This solar facade system can be designed for each customer differently, according to their needs and visions, but we will also be offering the pre-designed product lines from renowned designers and artists for people with no specific design idea. The fact that it will pay for itself over the standard horizon of about 10-15 years is a strong incentive for customers even without any government subsidies.

The winner of the Regional Final in Latvia: Oxygen for Burning Fuel

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A major drawback of the internal combustion engine is the pollution created by burning of all the different gases in the air that are delivered to the burning chamber. It is a global problem to reduce pollution from different fuel burning processes, in industries like metallurgy, heating, automotive and Oxygen for Burning Fuel presents an innovation that aims to tackle this problem. The technology allows the delivery of up to 100% clean oxygen to the burning process of an internal combustion engine or any industrial fuel burning process. It can save up to 17% of fuel and reduce pollution: NO emissions are reduced 6-fold and CO emissions are halved. The technology can be applied in industrial heating and combustion engines.

The winner of the Regional Final in Czech Republic: VIA ALTA

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VIA ALTA is a technology for the production of biofuel from biodegradable waste. The Czech Republic produces about 1 million tons of biodegradable waste every year. Approximately 60% s treated in biogas stations and composting facilities while the rest is landfilled. The percentage of the recovery of waste is increasing, but about 0.5 million tons of waste in composting facilities is currently unexploited. VIA ALTA’s technology offers an alternative way of turning biowaste into biofuel. It is based on aerobic fermentation and biodrying using low-potential fermentation heat. In two consequent reactors the biowaste is converted into biofuel using the biological processes of fermentation and the sophisticated utilization of low-potential waste heat pro-fermentation processes.

The winner of the Regional Final in Hungary: HeatVentors

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HeatVentors offers an innovative thermal energy storage which can save 90% space and 20-40% energy with 0,5-2 years return on investment. The innovation is a thermal energy storage with phase change materials. The technology has a variety of applications for thermal energy storage: from deep freezing technologies to comfort cooling and heating, renewable energy sources, industrial technologies and concentrated solar thermal power plants.

The winner of the Regional Final in Romania: HomePod

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HOMEPOD produces an endothermic envelope for the refurbishment of existing builds to save energy. The innovation combines the use of the revolutionary building material that uses two semiconductors to convert heat or cold into energy with a smart software system that will optimize the energy consumption of the building in real-time on the basis of the forecast weather data and data from sensors of the building envelope. 

The winner of the Regional Final in Slovenia: Mebius

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Mebius combines the knowledge of chemical catalytic processes and a vision of abundant and clean energy in the future to develop new and more efficient PEM FC components. In shifting to a hydrogen fueled paradigm, developing better proton exchange membranes, gas diffusion electrodes and membrane electrode assemblies (MEA), which form the core of any hydrogen-based fuel cell system design, will bring the cost efficiency and energy density to levels that are more than competitive with current, commonly used energy production methods.

The winner of the Regional Final in Lithuania: OXYGEN

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OXYGEN - home ventilation unit with heat recovery

OXYGEN's mission is to bring fresh air to homes at a low cost. The Heat Recovery Unit developed by the team is a small but efficient device that can be mounted under the bathroom ceiling making it invisible for the user. It incorporates the pre-heater for severe winter climate and is able to save up to 84% of energy while exchanging the masses of air up to 150 m3/h.

The winner of the Regional Final in Estonia: UBIK Solutions OÜ

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The UBIK S350 OPTIVERTER® is a smart, pure plug & play device, supporting decentralized renewable energy production and offering the most affordable energy conversion approach. It is the first device to feature UBIK Solutions' new, unprecedented, innovative and patented energy conversion solution for module level power electronics (MLPE) solar industry, the OPTIVERTER® technology. 


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