2018 Powerup! History

2018 Final Gala Highlights

Over 314 people and an extremely positive energy – to watch Final of PowerUp! 2018 just click the link. Meet our winners!

2018 in numbers

2018 Winners

1.Zubax Robotics – – Estonia – first prize: 30 000 EUR

Zubax Robotics provides ≈10% more energy-efficient electric motor controllers for aerospace applications. Their technology allows electric vehicles (especially aircraft) to travel further using less energy from the battery, thus alleviating one of the most significant obstacles in the way of total electrification of all kinds of transport.

2. WellParko – Lithuania – second prize: 10 000 EUR

WellParko helps parking companies and municipalities to reduce staff count in terms of traffic wardens, to optimise operations and create additional value.

3. Nuron soundwere – Czechia – third prize: 5 000 EUR.

Neuron soundware monitord the sounds and other parameters of machines and uses probabilistic methods to determine the risk of an outage for each individual device. It is a revolution in predictive maintenance – individualized monitoring.