2015 KICkoff! History

2015 Final Gala Highlights

The first edition of KICkoff finished successfully in Poland – watch the summary and meet the winners.

2015 in numbers

2015 winners

1. Lainergy – Estonia – first prize: 10 000 EUR

Producer of an innovative converter for generating the ocean energy. The Lainergy Wave Energy Converter is a point absorber type of WEC, the operational part of the device absorbing energy from ocean waves. Generators and power electronics are standard components known from the wind industry, enabling well known grid connection architecture.

2. Ekoinwentyka – Poland – second prize: 5 000 EUR

An innovative solution in the field of air purification.

3. Smart Load Solutions – Estonia – third prize: 3 000 EUR.

Fast and scalable platform with easy-to-use API to integrate with any internet connected smart building or temperature control solution. Combined with their powerful data analytics and machine learning, it is easy to build complex custom made solutions that take into account tomorrows electricity prices, weather forecast and all the local restrictions.