Join the Boostway® program and gain access to the most dynamic and diverse community in the field of sustainable energy.

As a growing small business and SME with a vision, your main objectives are to enter new markets and manage your supply chain efficiently. To meet your goals, we offer you support for developing your business tailored to your specific needs. You will benefit from our assistance and expertise in such areas as: people management, adapting your product to market requirements, prototypes enhancement, sales, the industrialisation process and financial investment.


  • Opportunity to scale up: 70% of businesses in the Boostway® portfolio have entered new markets within one year.
  • High capacity investor: through InnoEnergy accelerators you have access to our community of top European venture capital firms. This increases your chances of succeeding while raising funds.
  • Working with professionals: We are specialists, with the know-how needed to make industrial product development work.
  • Always happy to help: We believe in an all-hands-on-deck approach, showing commitment to your success at every stage of our cooperation.
  • A unique program for specific needs. Boostway® is an accelerator providing support tailored to your needs.


Boostway® accelerator is dedicated to start-ups and SMEs (small and mid-size enterprises) which:

  • Are in the growing phase
  • Have been in operation for at least 18 months following their first sale
  • Have annual revenues above 100 000€ and a multi-customer portfolio
  • Have a full-time, devoted and consolidated team


  • Support your product for commercialisation and industrialisation
  • Train and mentor your team through individualized workshops
  • Broker relationships with resellers and corporations
  • Access European VCs and business angels, loans, and InnoEnergy funds
  • Identify specific needs and offer services for the different functional areas of your supply chain