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Energy storage part 2: start-ups

Today, we present start-ups working on energy storafe field, which are supported by InnoEnergy:

The French start-up Atawey ( loads renewable energy into hydrogen batteries which are used by bicycles and cars in small charging stations in rural areas or attractive tourist destinations. 

The proprietary technical solution developed by the Polish Enetech...

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Trends: Energy storage

Energy is inevitably trending towards local energy production and management. However, a significant barrier is the inability to effectively, efficiently and cheaply store this locally produced energy. Until now, the main storage option was pumped storage power plants (Poland). Another method is compressed air storage, which receives off-peak electricity. This is used to...

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Energy sector needs a cyber security system

The energy sector is the second most-targeted sector after public administration by cybercriminals. 16 percent cyber attacks are aimed precisely at this industry. Therefore, the European energy sector should be even more involved in building a coherent cyber security system and implement a comprehensive approach to building a cyber security culture.

Companies operating in...

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