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Mebius – unleashing the full potential of fuel cells

Continued use of fossil fuels in energy production and its environmental impact represents one of the great challenges of our time. A fair amount of progress has been made in shifting to renewable energy sources such as wind, solar or hydroelectric, but obstacles still stand in the way of making these technologies truly mainstream. However, there is one means of energy...

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Gamera – 18th century invention combined with 21st century innovation

Here’s a fact that might be hard to believe: 40% of global air pollution is caused by inefficient domestic solid fuel appliances. A poorly functioning stove, for example, can emit levels of PM2.5 that are up to 250 times higher than a correctly functioning one. The effects of this pollution are well-documented: building damage, loss of crops and, most crucially, a severe...

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Registration for PowerUp! has closed: we’re now ready to announce who has made it to the next stage of the competition!

Almost 300 start-ups from 24 countries across the CEE region will take part in the fifth edition of PowerUp! The competition, organised by InnoEnergy, provides a unique opportunity for ambitious businesses to secure financial backing and develop their ideas on a global scale. In a few weeks’ time, participants will compete in the first stage of the contest – Country...

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