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Start-ups in the President Palace in Poland

A meeting took place this week as part of the Startup project at the Presidential Palace in Poland: COOPERATION, the main theme being the relationship between corporations and startups. The meeting with the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, was attended by board members and staff responsible for the area of innovation from over 30 private companies and...

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Country Finals - Croatia, Hungary, Estonia, Turkey, Bulgaria

 There are already 5 Country Finals behind us - those which took place in Zagreb, Budapest, Tallinn, Istanbul and Sofia. We are excited to show you the winners of these finals, who will take part in the Grand Final on June 19 in Prague! Meanwhile, we still have another 10 Country Finals! Stay tuned!

Mobile Vehicle Technology, Winner of the Country Final in Croatia 


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Trends: Smart cities

The overriding goal of all smart city projects is to improve the lives of city dwellers. However, it is impossible to imagine a smart city and a high quality of life for its inhabitants without achieving energy efficiency or without clean air in cities. The area of smart cities is therefore very closely related and dependent on the development of the energy sector....

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