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Summary of the Country Finals in Serbia, Hungary, Poland

As the Grand Final of the fifth edition of PowerUp! grows ever closer, we already know the next finalists of the competition. During the final gala they will present their innovative solutions to a panel of investors and industry experts, fighting it out for financial prizes and the opportunity to join the prestigious business accelerator Highway® by InnoEnergy.


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Summary of the Country Finals in Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia

We are very excited to present the start-ups who came in first place at the Country Finals in Vilnius, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Now, the winners are preparing for the most important battle – the Grand Final of the PowerUp! Competition, where they will compete for the main prize of 50 000€ and the opportunity to develop their business on a global scale.

Unicorn Scooters,...

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Mebius – unleashing the full potential of fuel cells

Continued use of fossil fuels in energy production and its environmental impact represents one of the great challenges of our time. A fair amount of progress has been made in shifting to renewable energy sources such as wind, solar or hydroelectric, but obstacles still stand in the way of making these technologies truly mainstream. However, there is one means of energy...

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