Summary of the Country Finals in Serbia, Hungary, Poland

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As the Grand Final of the fifth edition of PowerUp! grows ever closer, we already know the next finalists of the competition. During the final gala they will present their innovative solutions to a panel of investors and industry experts, fighting it out for financial prizes and the opportunity to join the prestigious business accelerator Highway® by InnoEnergy.

SmartCat, Winner of the Country Final in Serbia

Optimus Power by SmartCat is a software that provides detailed information on both current energy consumption and predicted consumption based on data collected in real time, all thanks to an advanced forecasting system. The solution also records anomalies, like excess in consumption or outliers in temperature or various system malfunctions, and it does so based on the season or time-of-day. With all this information, it is possible to optimize HVAC consumption with no additional costs from complicated hardware.

V-Chiller, Winner of the Country Final in Hungary

V-Chiller is a small cooling device that provides, for the first time on the market, on-demand chilling for canned & draft beer beverages with a minimal waiting time, energy consumption and environmental impact. V-Chiller uses a revolutionary rapid vacuum cooling method with a proprietary, new environmentally-friendly refrigerant.

FLYO Boards, Winner of the Country Final in Poland

FLYO – a levitating surfboard – is a completely new means of transport. The device is equipped with an electric drive, which allows it to float about one meter above the surface of the water, as well as a remote control. The construction of the board, and especially the built-in wing of it, makes it not only look impressive, but also safe to use.

This year, the Grand Final of PowerUp! will take place on 21 May 2019 during Impact’19, the largest economic conference in the CEE region.

About InnoEnergy:

InnoEnergy is a company investing in solutions in the area of energy, cleantech, mobility and broadly understood smart technologies. Through knowledge, financing and network of contacts, we support the commercialisation of products and their introduction to international markets. InnoEnergy is present in 40 countries, where we cooperate with more than 430 partners – the largest industrial companies, leading research and academic centers and innovative entrepreneurs, investing about 100€ million annually in solutions that increase the competitiveness of our economy thanks to cleaner, better and more efficient technologies. InnoEnergy is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union.

One of the most important InnoEnergy projects is the PowerUp! competition for start-ups in the energy and cleantech sectors in 24 countries of Central-Eastern Europe. Its winners receive cash prizes and the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Highway® program, which provides financial support up to 150 000€, assistance in building a team and access to foreign clients and investors. 

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