Energy storage part 2: start-ups

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Today, we present start-ups working on energy storafe field, which are supported by InnoEnergy:

The French start-up Atawey ( loads renewable energy into hydrogen batteries which are used by bicycles and cars in small charging stations in rural areas or attractive tourist destinations. 

The proprietary technical solution developed by the Polish Enetech ( is a tank for the storage and transport of heat over short distances (up to 30 km), which is filled with Phase Change Material (PCM). Enetech has been the winner of many awards, including Innovation Leader 2017. 

Ecovat ( from the Netherlands is a thermal, seasonal thermal energy storage system obtained from renewable sources, the innovation of which is the ability to store energy at any time of the year (the system allows for storage at temperatures up to 90 ° C) . By storing energy during the surplus and using it during times of shortage, Ecovat provides the network with energy independence. 

In turn, Elestor electricity storage systems ( are based on hydrobromic battery technology. The key to success is the extreme reduction of energy storage costs. Elestor was the winner of the IDTechEx award in the Best Technical Development in Energy Storage category, awarded in 2017 in Berlin. 

NAWA Technologies ( has designed an ultra-fast, environmentally friendly battery with a long service life. It has developed a new material with properties that allow you to design energy storage systems that store 3-5 times more energy than existing products. NAWA Technologies received the second prize at TBB Business Booster by InnoEnergy in 2014 and the prize awarded by EARTO (European Agency for Research and Technology Organization). The German company Eldev ( is developing a lithium battery management system for the needs of tourist vehicles, special vehicles or yachts. A photovoltaic panel is placed on the roof of the vehicle, from which energy flows to the converter for direct current before accumulating energy in lithium batteries.

HeatVentors from Hungary was the winner of last year’s edition of international PowerUp! competition. HeatVentors offers innovative thermal energy storage which can save 90% space, 20-40% energy with 0,5-2 years ROI, because they love to use science to save the world! HeatVentors offers innovative technology for thermal energy storage with phase change materials. By changing the phase and not the temperature, we can reduce the size by nearly 90% and increase the efficiency of the system by 20% thanks to concentrated energy storage. They offer many different applications for thermal energy storage, from deep freezing technologies, comfort cooling and heating, renewable energy sources, industrial technologies and even concentrated solar thermal power plants. (-100 - +600 °C). They have unique knowledge which enables them to design HeatTANKs which ensure the highest energy efficiency of the given systems.

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