June 19, 2020 3 PM

The countdown has started, only a few days left until the Grand Final

Which team will be the “EIT InnoEnergy Start-up of the Year” in 2020?

A record number of 360 eligible startups registered to the PowerUp! Challenge. Apart from financial prizes worth up to €65.000, the best teams will compete for business support packages funded by key partners such as Amazon Web Services & Vestbee.

PowerUp! initiative is also a chance to secure millions of euros in investment and to be part of EIT InnoEnergy’s network, which offers money, know-how and an extended hub of reliable partners who will help companies to become globally successful.

The Grand Final of PowerUp! will be held 100% online.

Save the date! Watch top 14 Finalists compete on 25 June & vote for your favourite!

Let’s meet the teams:

Turkey - Blink Energy

Blink energy’s idea aims to solve the ice load problem that occurs on energy distribution lines during winter months. They designed Plectron, a product that offers a solution to this problem. The machine has humidity and temperature sensors. When the sensors detect that due to certain weather conditions ice is beginning to form, Plectron vibrates and shakes off the “wet snow” from the lines before it can turn to solid ice. Thus, it provides preventive maintenance for electricity providers.

The product does not require any battery nor recharging, it does not need any solar power neither. As a distinguishing feature, it picks up its energy need from the power line’s electromagnetic field.

Lithuania  - Viezo

The startup was founded in 2018 and its work includes developing new types of material that can produce energy from vibrations and use this instead of batteries. The electricity generated from wasted vibrations can power wireless IoT sensors, therefore prolonging their lifetime or increasing the amount of signals.

Greece - Solmeyea

As a hybrid AgTech company, Solmeyea tackles the land scarcity through algae farming while subsequently reducing the Carbon footprint. Solmeyea offers Feed Supplements helping Humanity solve the upcoming shortage of healthy and non-GMO Feed, ensuring Animals’ & Humans’ longevity. Its mission is to ensure the rapidly growing population will meet its protein needs and be healthy without further damaging the environment.

Serbia  - Typhoon Hill

Typhoon Hill’s solution has a universal UEGOS operational system that enables control of all distributed energy resources and smart devices, increasing their efficiency and decreasing expenses. Uegos is created based on Python and Linux and is installed easily by USB or Cloud on existing or new infrastructure. The technology behind UEGOS has already been tested, implemented and is ready for use. Currently, an interface is being developed for implementation in different locations such as business buildings, factories and smart homes for optimising efficiency and energy consumption.

Bulgaria - AirLief

AirLief’s solution fights air pollution with innovative protection masks and a mobile app. At the end of 2019, after years of development and trying to find the right production partners, Airlief introduced to the market an innovative mask against dirty air. The mask’s interchangeable filters were created to safeguard not only against fine particles but also pollen, bacteria and larger particles of dust. Recycled cotton is used for the development of a special 3D structure that ensures a larger filtering area while making it easy for the user to breathe. Last but not least, unlike most masks on the market, AirLief’s protective gear has been built to last for a long time and is easily washable. In January 2020, right before the coronavirus outbreak, AirLief had already sold 500 masks.

Hungary - Poliloop

Their solution is intended to solve the plastic waste problem of the world. They created microbes that decompose any plastic waste (polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene) at room temperature in weeks or in many cases, in a matter of days.

“We have developed a biological solution that could eliminate the vast majority of the 300 million tonnes of plastic waste generated worldwide each year. This is particularly important given that barely 2 percent of all plastics are being recycled. However, we would not stop here. As a manufacturer, we want to make the circular economy work in the long run by producing biodegradable plastics.”

Latvia - PolyLabs

PolyLabs was established in 2014 and its main field of activity is the production of chemical products and the production of polyols, which is one of the main raw materials in the polyurethane industry. The company's story began with bio polyols made from rapeseed and tall oil. However, this has not stopped innovation. PolyLabs has developed a new solution for recycling previously unprocessed PET plastic waste into an excellent chemical product - an energy-saving material - polyurethane, thus removing raw materials from pollution and placing them in an extended life cycle product.

Estonia- Woola

The start-up company was established at the end of 2019 and produces packaging material from sheep's wool residues.

According to Anna-Liisa Palatu, one of the founders of Woola, the idea arose from the team's own experience: “As the operator of the e-shop, we saw how much plastic waste was created with each package. We looked for an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap and found a solution in wool. Today, we are working with several e-shops and Omniva to further develop packaging, and we have opened a round of funding to attract investment.”

Poland - Greenbin.app

The company created by Olena Sydorenko enables consumers to dispose of the packaging of used products, guaranteeing that they will be recycled. The packaging of the goods is marked with special QR codes, and after they are being scanned by the consumer, travel to collection points and the system tracks their further fate. Producers of goods receive the option of monitoring the used packaging, and consumers can receive special discounts.

Slovenia- TROIA

TROIA AR (augmented reality) platform is an asset management tool. The platform, with the help of AR glasses, tablets or phones, displays computer-generated key data in real time, thus enabling exceptional improvements in terms of operational excellence and quality at work. It offers endless possibilities and business opportunities for all industries and the TROIA team can customize it for different applications, for different organizations.

Slovakia - Biotron Labs

Biotron Labs is developing its Mobilyze platform, which helps clients make better decisions about improving mobility. Therefore, it helps electric car charger networks to be placed based on real and expected demand.

Czechia - Pocket Virtuality

The company is developing augmented and virtual reality technology that specializes in real-time remote communication. The solution may be used in the fields of engineering, medicine and smart cities. Thanks to this technology, the on-site worker can connect with an external expert who sees a virtual representation of the environment and can fully assist from a distance.

Croatia - EazyOil

EazyOil is a system of automatic payment at gas stations by recognizing license plates. Once the car approaches the unit at the gas station, the camera records the registration number and connects it to the user in the base. The user receives a 'push' notification asking if they want to use automatic billing; the user clicks YES, and the refuelling can begin. The payment is made automatically, eliminating the time-consuming waiting in the line at the station.

Romania - WATTO

The company was founded in 2019 with the aim of creating a network of ultra-fast power stations, specially designed for personal electric cars, but also for commercial vehicles. The solution guarantees a charging level of 80% in less than 10 minutes.