April 30, 2020 1 PM

PowerUp! Country Finals week #1

From 24 Central-Eastern European nations, a record number of 360 eligible startups registered to the PowerUp! Challenge in the hope of winning financial prizes amounting to €65.000 and other valuable offerings from key partners such as Amazon Web Services, Revolut or SpeedUp Group. Due to the current situation caused by the Coronavirus, the national organizers hosted their Country finals online for the first time.

Despite the unforeseen shift and the new challenges that emerged, all three finals went smoothly. The local organizers used virtual tools (zoom, google hangouts, etc) during the online training and mentoring sessions to prepare the teams for the finals.

All the finals are open to the general public, meaning not only investors, industry professionals, and partners, but anybody interested in the field can join and learn more about the emerging technologies. The winners of each Country Final represent their country in the international Grand Final and compete for the main award.

The Turkish winner

Blink Energy won the Country Final in Turkey on the 14th of April, winning the Turkish Startup of the Year title this year. Blink energy’s idea aims to solve the ice load problem that occurs on energy distribution lines during winter months. They designed Plectron, a product that offers a solution to this problem. The machine has humidity and temperature sensors. When the sensors detect that due to certain weather conditions ice is beginning to form, Plectron vibrates and shakes off the “wet snow” from the lines before it can turn to solid ice. Thus, it provides preventive maintenance for electricity providers.

The product does not require any battery nor recharging, it does not need any solar power neither. As a distinguishing feature, it picks up its energy need from the power line’s electromagnetic field.

The Lithuanian winner

Viezo is the startup that won the main prize in Lithuania’s PowerUp! Challenge Country final on the 23th of April. The startup was founded in 2018 and its work includes developing new types of material that can produce energy from vibrations and use this instead of batteries. Gasvolta, the winner of the Ministry of Energy prize, creates innovative electric vehicle charging stations, that provide electricity produced using biomethane. The audience prize went to Water Shield, a startup that invented a waterfall-like device for air purification in large public areas. 

The Greek winner

Solmeyea, was selected as the best startup idea in Greece on the April 24th competition deserving the Start-up of the Year title in the country. As a hybrid AgTech company, Solmeyea tackles the land scarcity through algae farming while subsequently reducing the Carbon footprint. Solmeyea offers Feed Supplements helping Humanity solve the upcoming shortage of healthy and non-GMO Feed, ensuring Animals’ & Humans’ longevity. Its mission is to ensure the rapidly growing population will meet its protein needs and be healthy without further damaging the environment.

The Serbian winner

Typhoon Hill, the Startup of the year in Serbia, the startup solution has a universal UEGOS operational system that enables control of all distributed energy resources and smart devices, increasing their efficiency and decreasing expenses. Uegos is created based on Python and Linux and is installed easily by USB or Cloud on existing or new infrastructure. The technology behind UEGOS has already been tested, implemented and is ready for use. Currently, an interface is being developed for implementation in different locations such as business buildings, factories and smart homes for optimising efficiency and energy consumption.

The winner of the international Grand Final (which will see more than a dozen national winners competing) will receive 50.000 EUR financial award, the title of CEE Start-up of the Year, and other valuable offerings from key partners.

The EIT InnoEnergy’s PowerUp! initiative is also a chance to secure millions of euros in investment and to be part of EIT InnoEnergy’s network, which offers money, know-how and an extended hub of reliable partners who’ll help companies to become globally successful.

Stay in touch to learn more about the decision regarding the date and location of the Grand Final which will be made later depending on COVID-19 status.