May 29, 2020 12 PM

Country Finals Week #4

The “Country finals” stage of InnoEnergy’s PowerUp! Challenge have been completed - Czechia, Croatia and Romania have also selected their best startup ideas

After Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia named their best startups, the online country finals had been continued for one last round. This time the contestants from Czechia, Croatia and Romania had the chance to run for the “Startup of the Year” title. Since all CEE countries have selected their finalists, the PowerUp! Challenge Country finals draw to an end in the preparation for the Grand Final of the 14 finalists.

The contestants will compete in the hope of winning financial prizes of €65.000, the CEE Start-up of the Year title and get valuable contributions from key partners such as Amazon Web Services, Revolut or the SpeedUp Group.

The Grand Final of PowerUp! will be held 100% online as all Country Finals. Save the date! Watch top 14 Finalists compete on 25 June & vote for your favourite!

The Czech winner

Pocket Virtuality won the Country final in the Czech Republic, which, along with a place in the Grand Final of the competition, earned the prestigious InnoEnergy Startup of the Year title for the team.

The company is developing augmented and virtual reality technology that specializes in real-time remote communication. The solution may be used in the fields of engineering, medicine and smart cities. Thanks to this technology, the on-site worker can connect with an external expert who sees a virtual representation of the environment and can fully assist from a distance.

The Croatian winner

EazyOil is the winner of the Croatian country final, the team can now call itself the Croatian startup of the year in 2020. EazyOil is a system of automatic payment at gas stations by recognizing license plates. Once the car approaches the unit at the gas station, the camera records the registration number and connects it to the user in the base. The user receives a 'push' notification asking if they want to use automatic billing; the user clicks YES, and the refueling can begin. The payment is made automatically, eliminating the time-consuming waiting in the line at the station.

The Romanian winner

WATTO won the national final of the EIT InnoEnergy competition, PowerUp! Challenge, and will represent Romania in the grand international final.

The company was founded in 2019 with the aim of creating a network of ultra-fast power stations, specially designed for personal electric cars, but also for commercial vehicles. The solution guarantees a charging level of 80% in less than 10 minutes.