May 20, 2020 10 AM


The “first half” of the country final rounds has been completed - Finalists have been named in Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia. The country final stage of InnoEnergy’s PowerUp! Challenge, which serves as the final selection before the international Grand Final, has arrived to its “half-time”. So far, 8 countries saw their best start-ups competing for the “Start-up of the Year” title and the opportunity to reach for the ultimate win during the Grand Final.

The second batch of the country finals started in Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the country finals were continued to be held online which were open to investors, industry professionals and partners, but any interested person could join to the events.

The Polish winner was awarded the Startup of the Year title during the online national final of the PowerUp Challenge! in Poland.

The winning idea is an application which facilitates the collection of used packaging. The company created by Olena Sydorenko enables consumers to dispose of the packaging of used products, guaranteeing that they will be recycled. The packaging of the goods is marked with special QR codes, and after they are being scanned by the consumer, travel to collection points and the system tracks their further fate. Producers of goods receive the option of monitoring the used packaging, and consumers can receive special discounts.

"The largest companies will not build a sustainable world for us, it is necessary to change our habits as consumers. We believe that the application created by our company will help convince consumers to a more responsible approach to used packaging, and for manufacturers, it will be much easier to monitor what is happening with the packaging of their products" - says Olena Sydorenko, creator of, Polish Startup of the Year.

The Slovenian winner

TROIA was selected for the Slovenian start-up of the year and represents the country at the international Grand Final.

TROIA AR (augmented reality) platform is an asset management tool. The platform, with the help of AR glasses, tablets or phones, displays computer-generated key data in real time, thus enabling exceptional improvements in terms of operational excellence and quality at work. It offers endless possibilities and business opportunities for all industries and the TROIA team can customize it for different applications, for different organizations.

“We are extremely happy to win, because we competed against truly innovative and good solutions. For us, it represents a confirmation of good and hard work, and above all it shows the quality of our solution. The award will help to further develop, and we believe that working with EIT InnoEnergy will bring us additional new opportunities, new contacts and greater visibility, through which we will be able to show our solutions to the wider global public." – says the team.

The Slovakian winner

The three-member jury chose Biotron Labs as the Startup of the Year in Slovakia during the online final of the PowerUp! EIT InnoEnergy. Biotron Labs is developing its Mobilyze platform, which helps clients make better decisions about improving mobility. Therefore, it helps electric car charger networks to place them based on real and expected demand.

Pavol Magic, CEO of Biotron Labs, said in connection with the award: “It is a form of recognition of our efforts - that the Mobilyze service is good and useful. Any award is an encouragement to a start-up for further work and we also perceive this in Biotron Labs. At the same time, it is a great opportunity for us to become known to large energy companies, network operators of charging stations for electric vehicles, or public administration institutions throughout Europe."

After all CEE countries will have selected their countries’ “Startup of the Year” respectively, the PowerUp! Challenge will arrive at the Grand final stage. Altogether, 14 startups will get the chance to represent their countries, innovation idea, and run for the main award.

The contestants will compete for the title of CEE Start-up of the Year and for the sum of €65.000 financial prizes. Besides, the winner of the international Grand Final will receive several offerings from key partners such as Amazon Web Services, Revolut or SpeedUp Group.

Decision about the date and venue of the international Grand Final will be made later depending on when restrictions, imposed by governments, are revoked in the region.