January 7, 2020 11 AM

Let's see it again! The presentations of the finalists of the fifth edition of PowerUp! competition in one place

For those of you who didn’t participate in this year’s PowerUp! Grand Final, you can watch videos of this year’s finalists and their pitches here!

For those of you who didn’t participate in this year’s PowerUp! Grand Final, you can watch videos of this year’s finalists and their pitches here!

The Unicorn Scooters team has created a unique electric scooter designed especially for sharing. It has more than twice the range (80 km) of its competitors and a lifespan that is twice as long (up to 6 months). This makes it almost twice as profitable as the world’s most popular personal scooter.

AMPnet provides electric cooperatives with a full set of tools to manage payments, invoicing, smart metering, demand side management, crowdfunding and community governance. The solution is an integrated hardware and software suite comprised of web applications, iOS & Android apps, blockchain payment capabilities, a governance platform and an open source smart meter hardware specification.

Optimus Power by SmartCat is a software solution that provides detailed information on current energy consumption and predicted consumption based on data collected in real time, thanks to an advanced forecasting system. The solution also records anomalies, like excesses in consumption, outliers in temperature or system malfunctions, and takes into account any variations in line with the season or time of day. With all this information to hand, it becomes possible to optimise HVAC consumption with no need to invest in additional hardware.

V-Chiller is a revolutionary cooling device that can chill canned beverages in just a single minute, using minimal energy and with minimal environmental impact. V-Chiller uses a pioneering rapid vacuum cooling method with a proprietary, environmentally-friendly refrigerant.

FLYO – a levitating surfboard – is a completely new means of transport. The device is equipped with an electric drive, which allows it to float about one metre above the surface of the water, as well as a remote control to enable easy piloting of the board. The construction of the board, especially its built-in wing, has both aesthetics and safety at its heart.

Green Charger is a unified platform for seamless integration between different electric vehicle charging station providers. The solution enables identification methods like RFID cards and apps to work on different providers’ devices and also redirects payments to the correct place.  The B2B model enables charging with any card, anywhere, working in very much the same way as an ATM does for cash withdrawals.

SMA is developing a low cost smart meters for off-grid applications in the developing world.

Ride Now is a unique ride-sharing solution for commuters that connects drivers and passengers in real time with people who are travelling in the same direction. Using an algorithm based on both big data and open data, the software makes ride-sharing easier while also calculating the reduced CO2 emissions for those who choose to carpool. 

Roofit has introduced a new type of solar panel which looks like a traditional metal roof but is an innovative 2-in-1 solution which combines everyday roofing material and photovoltaic modules. Electricity is produced in a thin photovoltaic layer that covers the metal sheet, with connection to the main modules made under the roof sheeting. The product is as straightforward to install as a standard seam metal roof. 

Danubia NanoTech developed a solution for real temperature monitoring in the form of a graphene temperature sensor. This is available as an extremely thin film which can be applied to any non-metallic substrate. The technology is valuable for EV batteries and for grid battery storage, extending the batteries' life-time.

ENLİL is a smart vertical-axis wind turbine project that transforms highways into renewable energy sources by using excess energy generated by traffic. By placing a device (with an accompanying solar panel) on highways, transport lines and high-rise residences, ENLIL generates energy by using both natural winds and those created by passing vehicles. It also measures temperature, humidity and CO2 emissions using built-in sensors and an IoT-connected platform. 

Atlant 3D has created the world’s most accurate and versatile 3D printer for micro and nanochip fabrication. The company combines several proven technologies, as well as the latest in nanotechnology and 3D printing, to develop a unique solution that can rapidly accelerate prototyping for micro- and nanodevices and systems at a fraction of the current cost and time.