April 28, 2020 10 AM

Ukrainian energy Group DTEK partners again with InnoEnergy for the 2020 PowerUp! Challenge

The largest private investor in Ukraine’s energy sector DTEK re-joins InnoEnergy’s PowerUp! Challenge and signs a Gold Partnership agreement again in 2020. DTEK Group invests in the Ukrainian energy sector through production upgrades, innovative technologies, and by building new capacities and creating new businesses. DTEK makes contribution to the development of a new energy industry: clean, efficient, and competitive.

As a Gold Partner, DTEK has already supported the PowerUp! Competition and Emanuele Volpe was amongst the judges of PowerUp’s Grand Final that selected the best start-ups in the field of energy in Central and Eastern Europe in Krakow in 2019.

“Challenging times are always a good push for a faster transformation. Although DTEK’s core business activities mainly involve generating and transmitting electricity, we understand that now is the best time to design and implement new business models and discover new businesses that will help mark our impact towards global sustainability efforts. InnoEnergy is a great platform helping us to achieve this ambitious goal by providing an access to a unique ecosystem: a winning blend of the best start-ups in Europe, a vast array of international know-how and a proven track record of boosting growth for companies of all sizes.” – said Emanuele Volpe, Chief Innovation Officer of DTEK.

"We are glad that this year too we have Ukraine’s flagship energy company as one of our key supporting partners in the PowerUp! Challenge. We will work together to find the best solutions and share the best practices from all over Europe, so we both get closer to our goals.” – said Jakub Miler, CEO of InnoEnergy Central Europe.