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Polish start-up Bin-e – the world`s first intelligent bin

Find out more about-Bin-e, the Polish start-up which won the audience award in last year’s edition of the InnoEnergy competition.

The audience chose Bin-E thanks to its innovative approach, one which is both widely used and simple to implement. Bin-e automatically segregates and compresses waste, reducing the labor, time and cost of waste management.

At first, there was an...

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Are you running an early stage start-up working in the field of energy?

We would like to invite you to take part in the biggest competition for energy start-ups in Central and Eastern Europe.

We are looking for someone who has a new product or service to offer with a time to market of 2 years max. You should have a prototype, a dedicated team, a secured IP and an ambitious plan to become a global company.

Winners can count not only on financial...

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